Individual Therapy

Counseling for connection, relationships, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem

Counseling for connection, relationships, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem

I see individuals for a variety of reasons. Often there is a triggering event, like a break up, death, illness or trouble at work. Sometimes there are long-standing unsettled feelings about life including anxiety, depression, and feeling conflicted, lost or stuck.  I provide a safe and nurturing place to support you through your challenges while also recognizing and identifying your strengths. My approach is warm, engaged, inquisitive and intuitive, and
I offer practical tools and information. Below
are some common themes that arise in my
work with clients.

Sense of Self

  • Self-doubt and self-criticism
  • Believing you are unlovable or not good enough
  • Mistrust of your intuition or "gut" feelings
  • Trying to fit in or keep up with others
  • Feeling like you're hiding or a fraud; afraid you may be found out
  • Uncertainty about your opinions or interests, or believing they don't matter
  • Ambivalence or confusion about your life
  • Uncertainty about what path to take, even if the one you're on "looks" good

Emotional Well-being

  • Feeling disconnected, anxious, depressed, isolated or alone
  • Everything feeling the same -- dull, flat, heavy, drained or numb
  • Defaulting to the same emotion, like anger, sadness, or worry, as a response to most things

Relationship Issues

  • Believing your partner, family or friends don't know or understand you
  • Fighting, frustration, anger and conflict are ever-present
  • Infidelity -- you've had an affair or been cheated on
  • Uncertainty regarding the status of your relationship or what you want
  • Questioning whether to continue a relationship
  • Frustration or conflict with family members or friends
  • Having few, if any, solid or strong relationships
  • A history of challenging or bad relationships
  • Motherhood and parenting

Life Events

  • Break-up, separation or divorce
  • Grief due to loss or death
  • New job or job loss
  • Life-threatening illness -- you, your child or a loved one
  • Aging parents
  • Relocation